Thursday, June 28, 2012

good for a few laughs.

If you’ve kept up on my blog this year, you are aware that I am a major fan of The Hunger Games trilogy. I am also a fan of making fun of everything and anything worthy. However, when The Hunger Pains by The Harvard Lampoon came to my attention, I was a little concerned. I really enjoyed the writing and the characters, I didn’t know if I wanted to read a parody. I mean, The Harvard Lampoon’s Twilight parody, Nightlight was an entirely different story. Vampires have it coming, Primrose Everdeen does not.

I gave the scene-for-scene complete parody a chance, and I have to admit, I laughed, out loud, in public places. The story follows Kantkiss Neverclean, and follows the original version almost to a tee. She is forced to fight for her life in the annual Hunger Games and all of the same characters are included with their silly names to match. If you love the Games, you’ll enjoy the Pains. Wow, I’m clever ;)

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