Sunday, April 8, 2012

a dream of a dream job.

Okay, this book review isn't Easter related at all, but I still want to say: Happy Easter to the Jesus lovers and Happy Passover to the not Jesus lovers... Now, back to me. As you all know, I am not exactly in my dream job at the moment. I enjoy the flexibility and variation involved in substitute teaching. But I want my OWN classroom, with my OWN students. I want to prove myself to myself, my students, my peers, and the stupid state of New York. I mean, I didn’t pay fifty-grand to go to grad school for nothing. I am wannabe teacher girl, hear me roar. Meow. 

Now that the economy is crap, I am sure that you all are feeling my pain over here. Not that you want to teach thirteen-year-old prepubescent crazies proper grammar like I do, but you want to do what moves you or at the very least, what you have your degree in.  A little advice? Take a look at I Got My Dream Job And So Can You: 7 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Career After College by Pete Leibman, he’s got tons. And it is definitely not advice for only the fresh faced twenty-two year olds right out of college. No matter what your age, if you are not currently in your dream job, this book is worth a look. Leibman breaks the job search into six steps, and he does not sugar coat the hard work that goes into finding the one that you love, but he offers the encouragement some of you so desperately need to take that first step.

In my opinion Leibman’s most important step of finding your dream job is Step 5: Look. Once you have a clear destination, seek out experts to ask for directions. Begin NETWORKING with people you know and uncover “hidden” contacts. Guys! Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, are not just for looks. USE THEM to meet people in your dream field. If these people are on social networking websites it is because they want to meet people like you! Now go get ‘em tiger.Well read the rest of the book and then go get ‘em tiger! RAWR.

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