Thursday, February 9, 2012

i'll have what she's having.

Jennifer Hudson has been using her big voice to preach about her success with Weight Watchers to anyone who will listen, or who will turn on their television. And who can blame her? She has lost over eighty pounds using the program and her body looks amazing. As many of you know, Jennifer's claim to fame is making it to the top six in 2004's American Idol. Since the show she has won our hearts in movies such as Dreamgirls, Sex and the City and The Secret Life of Bees, playing the role of supporting actress phenomenally.

Last month Jennifer (and Dutton) released her inspirational memoir I Got This, which begins with her childhood growing up in Chicago. Memoirs have got to be the most fun to write, all you do is talk about yourself, with no interruption for pages and pages. Now that's my idea of a good time. Jennifer's is not solely based on singing or weight loss, it is 100% Jennifer Hudson and her experiences with success and failure in both. Singing was always something that she excelled at, and she was well aware of her talent at a very young age. This singer discovered very quickly that being plus size ruined her chances of success in the music industry. She came from a large (literally and physically) and extremely supportive family (and best friend, Walter), who encouraged her to be whatever she dreamed. Although they gave her confidence, they couldn't give her the image she needed to possess to be famous. For years she deprived herself, eating only plain chicken and brown rice to shed weight (still wearing a size 10) until she discovered Weight Watchers after she gave birth to her son and her body completely transformed. In the book she includes healthy recipes, pictures and exerts from family members who have succeeded on the Weight Watchers program under Jennifer's great influence.

Weight loss has to be a lifestyle change, and you cannot succeed at any weight loss program unless you are ready to do the work. Look to Jennifer and her story for some fit-spiration.

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