Thursday, December 2, 2010

exploring anger.

With the holiday season comes beautiful decorations and joy, but this time of year also brings with it some drama, family drama, relationship drama, you name it. The reason why you may choose one book over another, is whether it is relatable to you or not. Especially when it comes to memoirs, you want to read about someone that you can realistically see. Fury, a memoir by Koren Zailckas, touches on the anger that may not be foreign in your own life. 

If you liked Smash, Zailcka's first memoir, then you will absolutely LOVE Fury. Fury begins with a break-up, what grown person cannot relate to that? It's a pretty awful break-up, and it can be painful to read. The story really gets interesting when she brings in her extremely dysfunctional family. She has never been able to express her anger in a healthy way because of the way she was raised. Koren was never taught to express her feelings. She was to simply bottle them up, and we all know that repressed anger can easily lead to an explosion of fury. There is a love story included, for you romantics. You will not be disappointed. 

It's Zailcka's storytelling that puts Fury at the top of any Book Club's reading list.

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