Thursday, December 2, 2010

depressingly beautiful. if there is such a thing.

Per Petterson is a phenomenal writer, that is obvious. I have been hearing that his latest book, I Curse the River of Time, lacks a little "oomph," and in some aspects I agree. I do however think that it is worth the read. If you have certain expectations of this book, you will be disappointed. This is not supposed to be a happy story, it is supposed to be emotional and sad. If you don't expect to be uplifted by Petterson's message, then you will enjoy this book. 

The narrator, 37-year-old Arvid's mother is dying and his wife is asking for a divorce. He is a childish man whose world is falling apart. Arvid is not a character you will love. His mother travels to a second home at water's edge to live out her final days and die among her fond memories. Arvid follows her for a number of reasons.

Though the story line is mildly depressing, Petterson's descriptions in this book are beautiful. If writing could have a physical feature, his would be gorgeous.

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