Friday, November 19, 2010

say goodbye to the ladies of vows.

Let me just start by saying that I HATE when a series I love has to end. I know endings are a part of life,  but I feel that Norah Roberts could have turned her Bride Quartet series from four books into, well, more. I just finished the final book, Happy Ever After, and I am sad to say goodbye to such a funny, honest and ballsy group of friends.  

I have reviewed the previous three titles in the series, Vision in White, Bed of Roses and Savor the Moment, and was very excited to read about our fourth and final female, Parker Brown. You get to know the other girls in each book, even if that particular story is not based around them. I have been dying to hear Parker's story since book one.

Parker is the glue that holds Vows together. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Vows is the wedding planning company Parker and her three friends, Mac, Emma and Laurel, own. It is very successful in their small Connecticut town, but the difference is not only is Parker planning weddings for clients, but also her three best friends.

Malcolm is not a stranger to the series. He has been involved with this group of friends in some way since the first installment. He is a rough around the edges, car mechanic, not exactly Parker Brown, of the wealthy Connecticut Browns, type. They've had some sexual tension for a while, and its Parker's turn to try out her hand at love. Taking a chance worked out well for the other three, but will Parker be so lucky?

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