Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have been waiting for a book like this to come out. What the Yuck?! is a fabulous title, first of all. Secondly - I love how doctor/author Roshini Raj, MD (with Lisa Lombardi) answers all of the questions we are too afraid to ask our doctors, our friends and especially our mothers.

This little "doctor-help" wonder is hilarious, and far better than getting all of your sexual advice off the pages of Cosmo. What the Yuck?! is not solely based on sexual questions, Dr. Raj also covers fashion, first dates, that time of the month, and a lot of other bases. Here's a little taste (no pun, haha): semen is about 7 calories per serving - marijuana takes about 1-2 days to leave your system, but 5 weeks if you smoke a bowl habitually (don't act like you've never been worried) - and public toilet seats are not going to give you an STD, freaks. Having sex WILL help you live longer and healthier, so withhold something else from your husband/lover/boyfriend when they need to be punished. There is so much more included in these 16 chapters than I can give you here.

Thank you Dr. Raj for taking all of the women of the world's freakiest fears and strangest questions about every aspect of their bodies and compiling them into one book. Read and learn ladies, read and learn.

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