Monday, September 20, 2010

female spy? about time.

I love it when real historical events and people are used in fiction novels! Yes, sometimes it does mess with my sense of reality, but it's fun.

Rose Melikan's third edition to the popular Mary Finch series, The Mistaken Wife is set in Paris, France circa 1797. Mary, our beloved main character and British spy goes undercover in then, enemy territory. She is used to risking her life for her country, but she is still hesitant to take on such a dangerous assignment. Mary is playing the part of an American's wife, she quickly discovers that her "husband" and partner in this assignment is not what he appears.

With the French chasing a deadly new weapon and an old nemesis threatening to unmask her as a spy, Mary soon finds herself in more danger than she could have imagined. Whether it be courage, or simply luck what will it take for our heroine to come out of this a winner, or even alive?

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