Monday, July 19, 2010

scientific weightloss.

When I try to drop a few pounds, I would love to feel as though I am not trying. Wouldn't that be fabulous? No sugar-craving induced headaches, no hunger pains? If that was the way shedding pounds made me feel, I would be skinny. Duh. In the real world - losing weight is not comfortable at first. It's something your body can get used too, but the detox process is painful. Chocolate withdrawl feels like heroine withdrawl.

Louise J. Aronne, M. D. came up with The Skinny - On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry because he noticed that a "lack of fullness" made it difficult for people to stick to their weight loss goals (go figure). He gives readers a look into a life of weight loss bliss without grumbling tummy's.

Since you are not starving yourself, you can't expect crazy celebrity style weight loss. Aronne is after a practical approach so that you can keep up with this change for life. I can't tell you that I have followed this book and it was magical, but I can tell you that I have read a lot of diet books, and am impressed with how realistic this one is.

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