Monday, July 12, 2010

history comes to life.

History is interesting. No matter who you are, no matter what you're interests include. There is a history behind every hobby, every culture, and every religion. Even if you are not an intellect, there has got to be a part of you that wants to know the history behind what intrigues you, right? Right. Now think ART history. I'd say you'd have to be crazy not to be interested in this subject, but let's be serious. Art history is rather boring to someone who is not interested in art, or the history of art. As someone who slept through most of her Western Art History class in the early years of undergrad, I am here to tell you that The Poet Prince is an exciting read.

In the third installment of Kathleen McGowan's The Magdalence Line series, we are transported to the Renaissance era. We are also transported to the present day, seeing as McGowan jumps back and forth through time throughout the book, which is a style I've always enjoyed.

Our main characters are Maureen Paschal and her lover, BĂ©renger Sinclair. Yet they share the spotlight with our other set of main characters, Lorenzo di'Medici and his love, Colombina (remember it's a back and forth narrating style, I think you can figure out who is the present and who is the past). It's like Modern Day Poet Prince vs. Renaissance Poet Prince. You'll see it all come together.

Throughout the story, the present digs up information about the past - allowing the readers to dig right along. I don't know about you, but I like to dig.

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