Tuesday, June 1, 2010

you say useless, i say fascinating.

I have always loved knowing random facts. When I have to ride in a taxi or am stuck next to a stranger on an airplane, I like to have something to talk about. (Yes, I am THAT annoying person that you hate). Francesca Could and David Haviland have a great book coming out in a few weeks called Why Dogs Eat Poop. Basically it's a book filled with useless information about animals and their natural lives.

The book is broken into several categories, for example there is one with facts that you will find truly amazing, and one with facts that will make you throw up in your mouth a little. But I mean who DOESN'T want to know how slugs have sex or which bird is a real home wrecker? Be honest with yourself, you want to know. They actually have some interesting facts as well, like do animals get depressed? Can dogs really smell cancer?

You will find these answers and more when this book comes out on June 10th. ** To win a copy of this book BEFORE it comes out, e-mail your name, address and this book title to jenileerose@yahoo.com!

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