Thursday, June 24, 2010


Writing a memoir is even scarier than writing humor, you are letting people inside your life on such a personal level. It's like letting a stranger walk right beside you while you live your life, watching your every move. Matt Gallagher is a phenomenal writer, so he does have that going for him, and he's even a little funny. But what is so interesting about his experiences? What does he really have to say? Those of you who began reading his popular blog in 2008 have the answer.

A lot.

Gallagher brings us along on his journey through a 15-month deployment in Iraq. He is so real in his writing. He does not hold back, which is why his story is so appealing. We want the truth, and Gallagher gives us nothing but. Behind the scenes of this war, he had many responsibilities as a Lieutenant. He was constantly put in danger, making quick decisions with orders from superiors that were anything but clear. This book includes detailed day-to-day life as a soldier, exactly what it was like for them, (boring stuff not included). It was so interesting to read what modern day war is really like, we civilians have no idea what those fighting for our country have to endure.

Lt. Matt Gallagher's blog, Kaboom began in 2008. Two years ago. TWO years ago, people. This war story is as real as you can get. Welcome to the history books Lieutenant.

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