Sunday, June 6, 2010

friendship you can relate to.

Okay, number one, I am an idiot. I literally just got done reading Nora Roberts', Savor the Moment, got to the end and noticed there is preview for the NEXT book in the series. I had no idea this book was part of a series, (The Bride Quartet) and I am soooo pissed that I read the THIRD book first. UGH. Not that I needed to read the first two, the book stood beautifully on it's own, I just feel like I missed out, and I HATE missing out. Bah.

I am not hugely familiar with Nora Roberts' writing, but I have to say, the dialogue was a little, slow. I loved the story, LOVED the characters, blushed at the many sex scenes, but at times the dialogue didn't flow naturally. I will not hold that against her (like I even have the right to), or the book, because I really enjoyed reading it. It was just something I noticed. Now that I am thinking about it, maybe each book is one of the four best friends' personal love stories. I haven't done any research, so don't think I am dense, but Savor the Moment was solely about Laurel McBane and her relationship. There are four books, and four best friends, and two of the girls were already engaged at the start of this third book. GENIUS. Now I really need to get a copy of the first two books.

Now on to the story....Laurel McBane and her best friends own a wedding planning business called Vows. Laurel makes the cakes/desserts, Parker plans the events, Mac takes the pictures and Emma does the flowers. They all live on the same property where the events take place. Laurel has been in love with Delaney Brown (Parker's brother) since she was a little girl. The story basically revolves around them and how their relationship goes from friends to lovers. It's a really sweet and sensual story.

I, of course only got to the steamy pages while spending time with my family at our cottage this weekend. That wasn't awkward at all. I strongly suggest you romantics read this book, but learn from me and pick up Vision in White and Bed of Roses first!

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