Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a taste of africa.

Whenever an author has personal experience with a place or culture, you can see it so vividly in their writing. That is exactly how Lisa Harris portrays African people and their lives in Blood Ransom. You may recognize Harris as a Christian mystery author, but those of you who are not religious, don't let the Christian part scare you away from this thriller.

A little background: Natalie Sinclair is working to help with diseases in the African village of Republic of Shambizao. Joseph, a local teenage boy witnesses and photographs the abduction of almost everyone in his home village, plus several murders. He turns to Natalie for help in exposing the supposedly mythical "ghost soldiers." When Natalie took him to the medical center to clean his wounds, she runs into Dr. Chad Talcott, an American doctor whom she had known in high school. While trying to help Joseph, Natalie and Chad come across many disturbing things. Clearly someone is purposely trying to keep them from finding out the truth of what's really happening in this third world country.

This suspense novel is fast-paced and exciting, you will love it.

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