Thursday, May 20, 2010

political thriller.

Henry Porter is an amazing suspense writer. He's fast moving, yet gradual, if that makes any sense. That being said, it is really easy for me to write a favorable review of his latest thriller, The Bell Ringers, which came out in February. Apparently it came out in the UK under the title, The Dying Light. Don't be fooled by the title change.

Here's the deal: David Eyam (a British government official) is randomly killed by a terrorist bomb in Columbia. His ex-girlfriend, Kate is named the beneficiary of his estate, and has no idea why because they haven't even seen each other for two years. Of course, Kate's life cannot just be easy or normal. She uses her brilliant lawyer ways to unravel the clues David has left behind and uncover the truth behind British government attempts to remove the last iota of privacy from its citizens in the name of security. Ha, Security? Their "security" was built on dangerously flawed computer programs administered by politicians and their cronies who are able to manipulate that system in pursuit of power and profits. Gotta love corrupt governments.

If you like political thrillers, you will love this book. Porter does suspense like no other.

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