Sunday, May 23, 2010


First sunburn of the year today! On that note, I decided it would be a splendid idea to review the best backyard idea book I have found this year bar none. Coincidentally it is called New Backyard Idea Book, pretty easy to find people. Natalie Ermann Russell has filled this book with amazing ideas, from porches and patios to decks and pools, so that you can make your backyard as fabulous as possible.

Oh my god. I just got to the garden rooms on page 100. OH MY GOD. I am in love.

Taking one glance inside this book, you will absolutely die (figure of speech, freaks). Everything is beyond gorgeous. Russell even makes a shed look like it's set in an enchanted forest. If you are honestly looking to upgrade your backyard, you have no choice but to pick up a copy of this. It has everything you need to make your neighbors and extended family green with envy, because YOU have a backyard that doubles as an oasis.

Lets not be selfish now, I know you broads are urning for a backyard spa and most of you guys would kill for an outdoor kitchen. Chill for a second and also check out the tree house designs, your kids will FLIP.

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