Sunday, February 7, 2010

a business manifesto.

Strategy For Sustainability by Adam Werbach is primarily aimed at medium to large corporations. I just want to give you small business owners the heads up on that. However, there is something for everyone so that no one falls short of sustainability in whatever your business might be.

Here is a little taste of Werbach's main strategies:
* Diversify across generations
* Adapt to the changing environment
* Celebrate transparency
* Plan and execute systematically, not compartmentally.
* Integrate metrics
* Improve with each cycle
* Right-size regularly, rather than downsize occasionally
* Foster longevity, not immediate gratification
* Waste nothing!

Werbach has created an extremely useful guide for business owners. He celebrates transparency and encourages enterprises to listen to their outside critics as well as work with their partners to mutual benefit. I recommend this to all of you out there in the business world.

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