Saturday, November 7, 2009


Alright, I have to be honest, "Level 26: Dark Origins" by Anthony Zuiker was a bit graphic AND scary for my taste. Most of you enjoy being scared to death, so you go a head and grab a copy of this. Those of us who are a tad faint of heart, beware. You will not go outside alone for about a month.

Other raters where indifferent about this book. Some enjoyed it, some thought the plot was crap. I for one, simply do not like torturous, graphic murders. My imagination is too wild on it's own, I do not need those pictures pasted into my head.

If you like CSI, if you like to be, terrified, and if you are a serial killer. Please read this book. Oh, and there's a website that goes along with it. Very unique, and we support individuality, now don't we?

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