Tuesday, September 1, 2009

vivid memoir

Born in poverty in the 1930's Kamila was forced into marriage with a man twice her age when she was thirteen, and a mother when she was fifteen, GROSS. And, FYI: she was in love with someone else! The author of "The Locust and the Bird", Hanan al-Shaykh helps tell her mother, Kamila's story. It is written beautifully in first person, with Kamila herself as the narrator.

So she puts up a fight on having to get married to this gross guy named Abu-Hussein because she's in love with Muhammad, not that she would want to marry the old guy anyway. Regardless her stupid husband knocks her up, (unwillingly on her part) but since she is hardcore in love with Muhammad she ends up having a long lasting affair with him...

Okay, it's a long story, you should just read it before I spoil anything else.

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