Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DIE HARD baseball fans.

After receiving a copy of "Bert Sugar's Baseball Hall Of Fame" and reading through it myself, I handed it over to my 82 year old grandfather and he loved it! Of course, being a die hard fan since childhood and living in New York state, he has been to Cooperstown and has seen the real deal, but let me tell you, this book is definitely second best.

The photographs are fantastic, it's really a beautiful book, not that my grandpa would admit to it's beauty, because he is after all a "tough guy" but from a broads (as he calls me) point of view, it is very nicely put together. It thoroughly explores the history of baseball and Cooperstown's Hall of Fame (floors 1-3 included) with all of your favorite players from the 1900's until now.

Sugar has proven that baseball IS the greatest game on earth!

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