Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the "what diet?" book!

OH MY GODDDD. oh my god. SERIOUSLY, I am obsessed with this new recipe book. "Hungry Girl: 200 Under 200." It has 200 recipes UNDER 200 calories. Lisa Lillien is a genius, let me tell you. It is sooooo hard to be on a diet. Ugh, so hard, I hate it!!! But, honestly this chick knows what's up, this book has so much to offer us not naturally skinny ladies, who need to watch what we put in our mouths! 

My favorites recipes so far: Tuna Salad, Quesadilla, and the Frittata Italiano! Lillien also includes healthy desserts (that don't suck) and healthy cocktails. HERE, HERE!!!

This will be the best money you ever spent on a diet supplement, and you don't have to pop pills or starve. Here, here!! (again)

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