Thursday, July 16, 2009

again with the affairs!

I have read Elin Hilderbrand's other bestselling books, "Barefoot" and "A Summer Affair" so I was beyond excited to pick up a copy of her latest "The Castaways" !!!!!!

We are back on Nantucket (where our author lives with her family, no wonder she knows so much about it eh?), the summer season is about to begin with a very interesting group of friends, couples actually, the Wheelers, the Drakes, the Kapenashes and the MacAvoys. Each and every one of these married folks has their issues, but the most obvious were Greg and Tess MacAvoy's. Of course before things get really interesting with this couples secrets, they mysteriously drown. Leaving the others to discover the missing pieces. Each of these characters have their own chapters, so step my step we all figure out the mystery together. You are not going to love every one of these complex characters, but you will definitely love this book!

Hilderbrand has not disappointed me yet, and she sure as hell did not start now!

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