Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Don't be AFRAID to read "Afraid" by Jack Kilborn. (haha, i'm so clever, no?) Anyways, this book starts out with a quiet evening of fishing on a small town lake. It quickly turns deadly for the residents of Safe Haven. A helicopter carrying a secret army special ops force crashes at the edge of town, and soon people start getting sliced and diced faster than you can say shish-kabob.

As the body count climbs, Sheriff Streng must confront five of the deadliest killers he has ever encountered. And the more he learns, the more he suspects that the helicopter crash may not have been an accident. What's more, the men hunting him aren't just killing to get their kicks (much as they enjoy their work). They're after something...or someone. DUM DUM DUMMMMM.

WARNING: this book may keep you up all night. 

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