Thursday, April 23, 2009

WHOA. make way for this crazy lady.

Quirky. That's the word I would use to describe Jane Hamilton's "Laura Riders Masterpiece." Basically
this lady Laura Rider wants to write a romance novel. It's like a guilty pleasure thing for her. She wants to write something racy, and she doesn't even feel the urge to bang her own husband anymore. Not that anything is wrong with Charlie Rider, Laura has just lost the urge. Poor thing.

This sexless arrangement has worked for them both, for a while until Jenna Faroli, a public radio star and Laura's idol, moves into their small, quaint town. Charlie and Jenna happen to meet one day, and Laura sees the impact this meeting has on Charlie. She devises a plan. She's always wanted to be a writer of romance. So, she uses this "relationship" that Charlie has with Jenna to showcase her writing skills. She convinces Charlie to start corresponding with Jenna via email. This email conversation is very tame to begin with, but when Laura begins to add a bit of her own intimate and romantic language, Jenna falls in love with the Charlie that is writing to her. Laura's so obsessed with learning what the ideal woman wants in a man, she doesn't realize she is practically hand-feeding her husband to Jenna.

It's unpredictable, and silly. I liked it. 


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