Thursday, April 30, 2009

great for mothers day!

"Mama Loves Her Little Son" by John Carter Cash is a delightful story about the love between mother and son. The book starts out with a mother holding her son in the sunlight saying "Momma loves her little son. There is nothing more so true. From now until forever more, Momma clings to you." It goes on to show the adventures of the mother and son recounting the depths of the mothers love for her child. A beautiful and heartwarming story! 

Every illustration is a two-page spread of Marc Burckhardt's watercolor paintings. His magical artwork contains exquisite details and vivid colors conveying the real action and emotion in this story. A child who doesn't yet know how to read words can easily understand the story by reading the pictures. Burckhardt is a gifted picture book illustrator who knows how to bring prose to life in a whole nother dimension. 

So cute!

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