Tuesday, June 25, 2013

well, if you like meat...and pickles.

I love real books. I understand the whole concept of the Kindle, I even have one myself, but nothing beats the feel of a book in your hands. I enjoy holding them in my lap, flipping through the pages, and long walks on the beach. Plus, you can't bring a Kindle into the pool with you. My point? Smoke and Pickles by Edward Lee has a cheaper Kindle edition, but I would judge you terribly if you didn't spend the extra few bucks for the hard copy. It's one of those big, strong cookbooks, and it's just plain enjoyable.

Edward Lee is a Korean-Brooklyn native, who found himself drawn to the American South and all the flavors that goes along with it. Lee states that "...the American South is not part of a trend, it's a culinary movement..." In cities like Louisville, the past never leaves the present, no matter how bold or new the recipes get, and Lee takes his cue from there. He shares with us his recipes which are more like stories, in the most non-traditional Southern cookbook I have ever seen. The Smoke aspect of this cookbook includes lamb, cow, birds, pigs and seafood. There are also chapters that include veggies, pickles (of course) and bar snacks. My honest opinion? I don't know how I've lived without Bourbon Sweet Tea for this long...

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