Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Best Travel Book!

This small book is filled with tons of information to help us travel well. Author Scott Mccartney explains how and why bad things happen, despite your best planning. We are all traveling in an uncertain environment, orchestrated by overworked people and often frustrating fellow travelers. He also explains why many of these difficulties occur and how to handle them; it is extremely helpful!
Become a more informed traveler and pick up a copy of Mccartney’s The Wall Street Journal Guide to Power Travel: How to Arrive with Your Dignity, Sanity, and Wallet Intact”


Ty Buchanan's beloved fiancĂ© has just died in a freak Hollywood style accident, instantly causing his world to fall apart. At his fiancĂ©’s funeral, a homeless man confronts Ty to tell him his girlfriend might have been murdered.
“Try Dying,” is a no-nonsense crime novel with a legal bent rather than a private investigator or cop angle. Author James Scott Bell has switched genres and developed a thrilling new series with this book!

Jason "Bourne" is back!

Oh Matt Damon, and his Jason “Bourne” movies, who knew they came from a series of books by Eric Van Lustbader and Robert Ludlum? I sure as hell didn’t. Honestly, I have never even seen the movies, no offense Mr. Damon, but you are not sexy enough for me to sit through an action flick.
The newest addition to the series, “The Bourne Deception” is just as fast paced and exciting as the movies (so I’ve heard), as only a reader of the book I can tell you that the book was very good.
I have done my research and others have not called it the best “Bourne” book, but definitely worth a read. 

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life after death.

Hmmmm…a book about life after death, not a book about what heaven is like, this is a book about what our dear departed would like to tell us here on Earth about how to clean up unfinished business so that we don't have to go through the same regret and guilt they did when they passed on.
We have all lost people, at least ONE that was important to us in some way. But do those people, who have passed, having something to teach us now?
Become inspired and enlightened, take a look into James Van Praagh’s “Unfinished Business: What the Dead Can Teach Us About Life.”


“Sisters and Husbands” is Connie Briscoe’s sequel to “Sisters and Lovers,” with our main ladies, Evelyn, Charmaine and Beverly back in action!
Between these three sisters, there is trouble in paradise, havoc in bliss, and the big questions: why is marriage so hard? Is it worth all the work?
A smooth read, packed full of drama, what more can you ask for?

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knit lit!

In the most recent addition to author Beth Pattillo’s “knit lit” series, the ladies of the Sweetgum Knit Lit Society are reading and discussing some of the great fictional romances. This of course, leads to a debate. What is love to each of them?
They begin to focus on their own personal lives, and the issues they face, ESPECIALLY their relationships with men. We readers get the inside scoop on this extraordinary group of women.
Extremely entertaining and has something for everyone!

april & oliver.

You have GOT to love a book that hooks you by the first chapter. In "April & Oliver," Tess Callahan creates two characters of startling depth, each oddly unique, but entirely real. Readers are normally lucky to encounter one unforgettable character in a story; this fabulous writer gives us two!
I would not consider this book an “easy read,” you have got to pay attention, or you will be lost. It’s great though, impossible to lose interest, I DARE you not to read it in one day. 

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Alright people, if you like mysteries AND short stories (and I mean, who doesn't?) you will LOVE "The Prosecution Resists" by the Inc. Mystery Writers of America. It covers a crazy wide range of crimes, so if you're looking to commit murder or something, you may get some ideas. (Just take the joke please, psycho's).

I really loved this book, short stories make it easy to put down and pick back up again. In our busy lives, what's not to love? Get a copy ASAP!


Don't be AFRAID to read "Afraid" by Jack Kilborn. (haha, i'm so clever, no?) Anyways, this book starts out with a quiet evening of fishing on a small town lake. It quickly turns deadly for the residents of Safe Haven. A helicopter carrying a secret army special ops force crashes at the edge of town, and soon people start getting sliced and diced faster than you can say shish-kabob.

As the body count climbs, Sheriff Streng must confront five of the deadliest killers he has ever encountered. And the more he learns, the more he suspects that the helicopter crash may not have been an accident. What's more, the men hunting him aren't just killing to get their kicks (much as they enjoy their work). They're after something...or someone. DUM DUM DUMMMMM.

WARNING: this book may keep you up all night. 

Follow Me.

Um, so basically the book "Follow Me" by Joanna Scott opens up with a guy jumping off of a bridge, kind of a downer, but honestly you cannot put this down after reading the first line. Everyone's families are dysfunctional and seek comfort in reading books that explore these types of families, it is especially fun when they are much more dysfunctional than yours. The main character, Sally, and her family are legitimately effed up. 

This book teaches us about the bonds of the family, the strength of love and what the outcomes are when people are selfish with their love. Putting the book together with all of the writing techniques and Sally's idiosyncrasies, this is a book to be enjoyed for the package deal. 


Oh my god! I love Robin Hemley, and his new book "Do Over!" HILARIOUS! Seriously. I have not had this much fun reading a book in like, a month. (I do read a lot, you know). His adventures are GREAT. Kindergarten, summer camp, prom...he takes his crazy ass middle-age self back to those times to relive the experiences. Not only do we the readers learn something, but so does the author. 

Read this book, filled with humor and heart!


giving birth.

I have always enjoyed the word "vagina," it just sounds so silly especially hearing other people say it or seeing it in writing. Well Ricki Lake, Abby Epstein, and Jacques Moritz will let you know ALL about it in "Your Best Birth: Know All Your Options, Discover the Natural Choices and Take Back the Birthe Experience." 

Ricki and Abby talk frankly about the current record high c-section and induction rates, the disappearing VBAC, and describe what a typical hospital birth looks like now. They share their own birth stories and the stories of a number of celebrities along the way, as well as profiles of some well known birthing pioneers. They include a chapter on sexual abuse survivors and birth, and Ricki even shares her own story of abuse and its connection to her experience of motherhood. 

"Your Best Birth" is a great read because it empowers women with options. A more natural birthing experience either at home, at a midwife birthing center or with the assistance of a Doula trained to keep you calm and mediate your wishes with the hospital staff is and can always be possible and a very real alternative. You must read this before you go into labour.

Thank you ladies for being specific enough to turn me off completely to the entire birthing process, and sex in general really. (But you "Mom-to-be's" will definitely love it)



I don't believe that I have ever been as excited about a cocktail book as I was when Danny Meyer's "Mix Shake Stir" came out. If you are a recovering alcoholic, please DO NOT pick up a copy of this book, there will be no hope for you. Just the pictures will cause you to get your jollies off, I promise you. Everything looks fabulous, and for those of you who enjoy cocktails without letting alcohol ruin your life, inside this book you will find the perfect drink for everyone!

I'll have a mojito, bartender. Thanks.


absolutely fabulous.

The book "No Matter What: 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love" by Lisa Nichols is absolutely phenomenal. I love Nichols' style. She completely opens up and pours forth her very soul. She holds nothing back. Her life story is both moving and touching. There were several times that I felt tears for this woman, she has been through a lot in life - yet look at what she has become! The experiences Lisa went through had a purpose - to help others through the exact same trials and tribulations.

There are 9 major bounce-back muscles and she teaches the reader how to strengthen them. 
The muscles are: 

Faith in myself
Take action
I know like I know
Say yes
Highest choice

Basically, shit happens in life. Nothing is perfect, no one is perfect and you CANNOT be perfect, ever! Whatever happens, you can get through it. Use her steps, take it slow, and you will get ahold of all aspects of your life, wait and see! 

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