Monday, June 24, 2013

you don't have to be rich to be my girl.

I am a Generation Y girl, I missed the whole Generation X boat by a few years, but I still appreciated Prince in the 90's. Well, his music, his appearance made me slightly uncomfortable if I'm going to be honest. Only because I had never seen a man in such tight clothes before, looking so feminine. I was just a kid. I probably shouldn't have even been watching MTV, who was babysitting me anyway?

Toure, who apparently only needs one name to be recognized, wrote a kick ass short biography on Prince titled I Would Die 4 U. While reading, I learned that Prince is older than my mother, and that their generation never really "got" him, but the gen Xers were just sitting around, waiting to be entertained, ready for something different. Then out walked Prince, and here we are. Toure mentions how Prince preached in a lot of ways, writing lyrics that touched on God and evil. Gen Xers weren't religious in the traditional sense, but Prince, with his evangelistic music, became a religion. Toure bases his biography on WHY Prince became an icon. Why did gen Xers need him so much? Well, because they were unconventional, so they were drawn to someone like that.

You see a lot of Toure's take on Prince's life in this biography. It's not long or incredibly detailed, so don't expect it to be.

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