Wednesday, June 26, 2013

i got 99 problems but microsoft lync ain't one.

When I'm looking for instruction on anything computer related, I aim for the plain and simple, as I am at a second grade computer level. Coincidentally, Darren Lloyd has created an easy, colorful, see-how guide for Microsoft Lync 2013, because heaven knows, I have enough problems.

For those of you who don't know what Microsoft Lync even is (which was me yesterday), MS Lync is a communication software for any type of business. It's basic features include instant messaging, Voice Over IP, and video conferencing.

Advanced features are related to integration with other MS software, here are just a few of the basics:
  • Availability of contacts is based on Microsoft Outlook contacts stored in a Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Contact lists can be retrieved from a local directory service, like Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Office can show if other people are working on the same document.
  • All communication between the clients is done through a Microsoft Lync Server server. This makes communications more secure, as messages do not need to leave the corporate intranet, unlike with the Internet based Windows Live Messenger. The server can be set to relay messages to other instant messaging networks, avoiding installation of extra software at the client side.
  • A number of client types are available for Microsoft Lync, including mobile clients.
Since MS Lync just keeps advancing every year, other features now include:
  • Collaboration through Whiteboard documents, where the participants have freedom to share text, drawing and graphical annotations.
  • Collaboration through Power Point documents, where the participants can control and see presentations, as well as allow everybody to add text, drawing and graphical annotations.
  •   Polling lists, where Presenters can organize polls and all participants can vote and see results.
  • Desktop sharing, usually by allowing participants to see and collaborate on your windows screen.
  • Windows applications sharing, by allowing participants to see and collaborate on a specific application.
This software is pretty bad ass honestly, it makes your workday and communication with colleagues much more efficient. Now Darren Lloyd's Microsoft Lync 2013 Plain & Simple is the only guide that begins at the beginning, but also gives you the most updated information on the simplest ways to get things done with MS Lync 2013. Time for your business to get on board if you haven't already. 

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