Monday, June 10, 2013

if you loved the film, purchasing this book is a given.

Author, Glenn Frankel (from Rochester, NY – my area as well!) has come up with a perfectly original take on John Ford's movie The Searchers in his historical “fiction” novel of the same name.

The Searchers’ initial story is the true historical account of the slaughter of the adult members of the Parker family and the capture of nine-year-old Cynthia Ann Parker by Comanche’s in Texas, 1836. Frankel's book is a chronological telling of Cynthia Ann's capture, her family’s gruesome murder, and her life as a reluctant prisoner who gradually accepts the Native American way. Frankel then moves on to Cynthia’s Uncle Jack Parker's search for her and other captives, her return to her white family, and her tragic early death in despair and wish to return to the Comanche's. Irony at its finest.

Part two of the story involves the son of Cynthia Ann, Quanah Parker, who was left homeless and motherless with the capture of his mother by white society when he was a teenager. Quanah would grow up into a fierce warrior and Comanche chief and continue to attack white settlements and settlers for many years thereafter.

Glenn Frankel has created a classic of his own with this one.

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