Tuesday, June 11, 2013

erotic novel of the year?

The first few pages of Eric Jerome Dickey’s new novel Decadence made me a tad red in the face if I’m going to be honest. How does one acquire dreams like Nia Simone Bijou? Jeesh, sign me up, Mr. Dickey.

Anyways, Decadence takes place four years after the events of Pleasure. Nia is now a successful author who presents a more serious persona to her audience, but behind the scenes she is expanding on her quest for sensual pleasure.  Nia is pure sex, and so is Dickey’s writing. He has created Decadence, an elite adult only club that caters to the sexually free and the sexually athletic. No inhibitions allowed, and becoming a "watcher" or a "doer" is purely your choice. Okay, sign me up for this, too. Our girl Nia decides to become a participant and the rest of the novel is quite the wild and sweaty ride. Expectations will be exceeded.

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