Friday, June 7, 2013

growing up is hard to do.

Manfriend and I just bought a house, so I thought a copy of The How-To Handbook: 50 Essential Life Skills for Everyday Life by Martin Oliver and Alexandra Johnson was a necessary read. Except for the short time I lived on my own down south, I’ve always lived with mommy and daddy, and I liked it. I never had to worry about a thing. At twenty-seven, it’s about time I learned some life skills.

Oliver and Johnson have created a very handy reference here, compiling the things a person really has to know how to do. For example, chopping an onion (have done it, but not correctly), ironing a pair of pants (have attempted it, but not correctly), loading the dishwasher (have never owned one, but will in the new house), and for the record, I already knew how to wrap a gift, but it’s included as well for those of you who don’t.

There are easy to follow instructions and useful illustrations for all of the babies out there (like me) who need direct instruction on how to become an adult.

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