Thursday, June 6, 2013

cook like a gatherer, entertain like a lady.

Sometimes I get sad when I see a cookbook made so beautifully, knowing that as soon as it enters my kitchen it will be ruined. Sign, sorry to authors Hayley Mason and Bill Staley who went to all the trouble of writing, compiling, and photographing dozens of recipes, and creating such a visual masterpiece in Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining, my copy already has a stain.

This is the most gorgeous recipe book that I have ever seen. The photographs are beautiful, and it's organized so well by season, inspiring us to cook delicious and healthy food all year long. And not just cook, but also put on a bit of a show with the presentation. The different sections of the book are themed, for example there is a Midsummer Garden Party menu that includes shopping and preparation, specific recipes, and even a beautiful table setting to imitate. The A Night in Tuscany menu is something I absolutely have to copy spice for spice, picture for picture. All of the recipes look delicious, and normal, AND include dessert. I don't know if wine is considered "paleo" but Mason and Staley have included it on every table setting, so I am taking that as a drink and be merry.

Honestly though, with everything spelled out for you right there are the beautifully illustrated pages, what is there to stress about? Your small gatherings, holiday parties, and summer events will be the talk of the town, or Facebook.

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