Wednesday, May 29, 2013

well that was different, in a good way.

The main character and narrator of Lori Carson’s debut novel, The Original 1982 fell in love with a man who was not good for her. Been there, girlfriend. Back in 1982 Lisa was a misguided girl trying to get into the music industry as a singer/songwriter. She was young and stupid and got knocked up by her way too old for her musician boyfriend who convinced her to get an abortion. Thirty years later and full of regret, Lisa decides to go back to that moment in her life and choose differently. She takes us back to 1982, and tells the story as if she had the child, rewriting her past into something more complicated but easier to live with. Lisa gives her unborn child a name and a story, while turning herself into a mother. She is the writer of her story, so she can do whatever she wants, and she does, flashing back between the real and the make believe. Author Lori Carson’s fresh style is sure to shake up your summer reading list.

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