Tuesday, May 28, 2013

tailor your sales message to fit the sale.

After I read The Secret Language of Influence by Dan Seidman, I passed it along to one of my friends who started a Mary Kay business this year for a second opinion. She’s doing very well selling the products because she is so passionate about the company and their mission, yet she still found ways to improve her on selling skills in Seidman’s resource.

Seidman covers all of this bases focusing on how to handle a customer and also how to handle yourself. In the first part of the book Seidman explains that in order to master the art of selling, you need to develop the skill and ability to influence others and gain understanding of why people do the things they do. Seidman explores the various types of buyers in great detail (there are way more than you’d think, so this aspect is very useful). There are toward buyers and away buyers. There are artist buyers (creative, spontaneous) and accountant buyers (systematic and deliberate). There are big picture buyers and detail buyers. Lots and lots of buyers here people, and they cannot all be sold the same way.  These personalities all require a different approach.

The second part of the book is all about influencing yourself. According to Seidman, you need to learn how to be resilience, how to handle rejection (you cannot be sensitive in sales), and also how to set goals and priorities for yourself. What you need to do to be a successful sales person is all spelled out for you.

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