Thursday, September 5, 2013

transform your marriage

I am a major advocate for any tool that helps better people's lives. Whether it be a self-help book, seminar, soap opera, a really strong cocktail...if it works for you, by all means. On a more serious note, The 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge written by kick ass married couple Jeff and Lora Helton is one of those tools that I know for certain will better your marriage. How do I know this seeing as I'm not married? I asked around, duh.

Surprisingly, I know a ton of couples who have made it through better and worse, and worst of all. When asked if they have ever used a tool like the Helton's book in their own marriages, all of them said yes. When I explained the concept of The 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge, they all jumped on board immediately. Here's why: The 50 Fridays is a practical, once-a-week guide to get you and your spouse communicating on the most intimate level. One a week? One question to drum up a conversation one day a week? That's easy! And makes it less likely that you'll skip a sesh. The Helton's main idea is to encourage husbands and wives to start a discussion about their relationship. To communicate on this level once a week is not a lot to ask, especially when the end result is an incredible marriage.

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