Wednesday, September 4, 2013

to be a successful entrepreneur, this is the book you need.

At twenty-seven, I am considered a "Millennial" along with the rest of you twenty-something and early thirties folks. Apparently we are impressing America with our buying power (and our early bankruptcy?) And Big Business wants to keep us in their lives so that as we grow up, and earn even more money, we spend it with them. That is what Jeff Fromm and Christie Garton's book Marketing to Millennials: Reach the Largest and Most Influential Generation of Consumers Ever is all about.

As someone who literally has no money to her name, I can't really give you as much insight on the twenty-something consumer as these two business-oriented authors can. And they do so well by giving actual profiles of real-life Millennials so that you can understand what they buy and why they buy it. While reading, this quote really stood out to me, "Thanks to their large networks and strong social ties, Millennials are empowered to participate and engage in the process of building brands as well as tearing them down." SO true. I get a lot of information from the blogs I read and have purchased certain brands of sports bras, jewelry, and beauty products just because a girl I "follow" had a post about the brand being fantastic. Badabing! This book is filled with interesting shit like that, so if your goal is to sell to our generation, I suggest you grab a copy.

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