Tuesday, September 10, 2013

murder mystery, coming of age story, potato, patato.

Joyce Maynard has created quite the suspense tale in her latest novel After Her which came out at the end of August.

Set in the late 1970's, young women keep turning up dead in Marin County, California, presumably the work of a serial killer. Young sisters Rachel and Patty's father, who is the chief homicide detective in the area, is in charge of finding the killer, and unable to do so. Fast forward thirty years and Rachel is still searching for the "Sunset Strangler" never giving up hope to save her father's career which was tarnished all those years ago. This novel is based on the events that took place in Northern California in the 1970's when a man known as the "Trailside Killer" killed more than half a dozen young women. Pretty much, I dare you to NOT read this in 48 hours.

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