Wednesday, September 11, 2013

disregard the strange premise and just read the damn novel.

In Karen Joy Fowler's We Are Completely Beside Ourselves, the Cooke's seem like an ordinary family. Mother, father, three children. Well, two children and a chimpanzee. That's normal, right? It was to main character and narrator Rosemary, who grew up with her chimpanzee sister Fern like any other siblings, until Fern was taken away when Rosemary was five and the family's lives changed forever. The story begins when Rosemary is 22 and in her fifth year of college far way from her hometown and the awful memories that live there. Throughout the novel we learn what has happened to each family member since Fern's removal from the household, and watch as Rosemary uncovers the reasons why her sister was taken away from her.

It is unlike any novel you will ever read, and it will touch your heart more than any review can tell you. Go on now, read up.

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