Monday, August 12, 2013

three words: crazy, rich, asians.

The best thing about reading a novel titled Crazy Rich Asians was walking around in public with it. The looks were fantastic, and I may have mildly offended some folks at the Chinese Buffet. Honestly, I didn't know how I'd feel about reading a book solely dedicated to the lives of seriously traditional Asians, but I fell in love with Kevin Kwan's crazy Singaporean characters, which consisted of mostly prominent families. Kwan's story was extremely authentic right down to the footnotes. There were multiple main characters, with chapters portraying the personal lives of each, but the mainest characters of them all were Nick and Rachel, both professors in NYC and were about to travel to Singapore together on holiday for Nick's best buddies wedding. Rachel, not coming from a prominent background in China, had no idea who Nick's family really was and was completely unprepared for the lavish lifestyle they experienced arriving in the foreign (to her) country. Nick and Rachel had been dating for two years back in the States and meeting his family for the first time, finding out he's completely loaded, and that his family is completely insane, changed their relationship a great deal. There were other characters who I really liked, Nick's cousin Astrid for one, but you'll have to read about her for yourself. Totally worth it, just don't read it in any popular tourist destinations, people might get the wrong idea ;)

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