Wednesday, August 14, 2013

letting go of the past to live in the present and move on to the future.

We are all a little screwed up from our past and the things we have left behind, which is why Patti Callahan Henry's main character in her novel And Then I Found You is so relatable to readers. Kate Vaughan currently has a pretty sweet life. She has a successful business and a fabulous boyfriend who is about to purpose to her. So why did she get all Carrie Bradshaw vomit in the mouth when she accidently found the ring? Because she is legit screwed up, just like the rest of us. But really, the novel is about a woman with a secret big enough to affect her future, so in hopes to find a way to move on, she goes off to confront the past. We've got a tear jerker on our hands here, folks. Keep in mind that this plot is based on the author's sister's real life adoption story. That line just made things a lot more intriguing, hm?

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