Wednesday, July 17, 2013

photography. what, like's it hard?

So I'm thinking minimalist is just a polite way of saying cheap? Because Steve Johnson's The Minimalist Photographer revolves around taking fantastic photographs with equipment that's on the cheaper side. I'm down with the frugal and all that but I'm thinking he should have just titled it "The Cheap Photographer," it would have caught my eye a little quicker.

Steve Johnson, painter turned photographer, gives readers an obvious starting line beginning with the question, WHY do you want to take photographs? Sounds simple, but many of us have never really considered why we take pictures, nor have we taken the time to notice what subjects attract us the most while behind the lens. Johnson's all for exploring the artistic world of photography, gaining a fresh eye on items we see every day, and helping us discover what type of photographer are we are now versus what type of photographer we'd like to become. The basics on shutter speed and camera types are addressed as well as a look into the photographs of others, both past and present.

As a girl who recently purchased a house and prefers to decorate with original photographs, this photography resource is exactly what I need for some inspiration.

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