Tuesday, July 16, 2013

how cute is mike the knight?

I love a good children's book. More importantly I love a good children's series. Kids need consistency. If they decide that they love a character in a book, and then never see them again, it's very sad. What I love even more than all of these things is when a children's television series comes out with books. We all know that kids love watching TV, I think it's nice to have the option to bribe them with a book instead every once in a while. Mike the Knight, which airs on Nick Jr. has been made into a variety of reading books, as well as activity and sticker books.

Mike is a ten-year-old knight-in-training who constantly helping others always trying to be the best knight he can be. This collection of books spin off from the series, revolving around lessons such as sharing and sticking with your friends through thick and thin. Mike has a bit of a arch nemesis, Evie who unknowingly helps him learn important lessons about understanding people. Set in the medieval times in a world of magic and dragons makes this series and especially its books exciting for its fans. And Mike the Knight has proven to be an excellent role model to bring into your child infested household.

You can get to know our little hero in Meet Mike, then dive into the medieval world in Welcome to Mike's World which is filled with pages to color and activities to complete. Mike's lessons can be learned in Mike and the Dragons and Mike the Knight and the Good Deed which are filled with beautiful illustrations and one even has stickers.

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