Thursday, May 23, 2013

so you had a bad day.

At the start of Changing Lanes by Kathleen Long, thirty-year-old Abby Halladay has a really bad day, pretty much the worst. First she lost her job as an advice columnist, she recently purchased her first home and finds out today of all days that it has extensive termite damage, AND her fiancé suddenly left the country, and presumably her, a mere two months before their wedding. Abby girl, go back to bed.

Abby is now forced to stay with her parents until the house issues are straightened out, and before the days end she runs into her childhood buddy, Mick, whom she has been estranged for over a decade. Which doesn’t exactly add to her bad day, just makes it more surreal. He’s still handsome, and when Abby tries to get the gossip on his return to the neighborhood, she learns that she’s not the only one with bad luck lately. 

Long takes us from feel bad to feel good pretty quickly as the pages turn, things for Abby start looking up, and this novel turns into the perfect summer read.

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