Wednesday, May 22, 2013

since it’s golf season.

I am so glad manfriend doesn’t enjoy golfing. He’s not all that great at it, and the few times he’s gone, he is bored out of his mind until the beers start opening. He’s much too exciting for the likes of golf, he’d much rather watch Young and the Restless.

Golf caddie and author Oliver Horovitz’s memoir titled An American Caddie in St. Andrews: Growing up, Girls, and Looping on the Old Course adds a little UMPH to the game. Horovitz has been a caddie since the age of twelve and he takes us through that first summer and his journey to the top. He’s actually a pretty impressive guy, with a 1.8 handicap (whatever that means), but more importantly he was accepted into Harvard, but took the year off and spent it at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Horovitz was just a New York boy trying to fit in with the caddies at St. Andrews. His storytelling is excellent, making this memoir enjoyable for every reader, even those like me who don’t take it any farther than mini golf, which I’m excellent at by the way.

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