Friday, May 3, 2013

churchill as a dinner companion, yes please.

Cita Stelzer's Dinner with Churchill sheds a lot of fascinating new light on the way that Winston Churchill used the dining table to advance his military and diplomatic strategies. Quoting Stelzer, "No matter the circumstances - whether in the dining room at Chartwell or on a picnic chair in the desert - Churchill's profound belief in the importance of face-to-face meetings, and his unshakeable confidence in his ability to get his own way in such intimate encounters, never wavered." Anyone who used food and fine dining to get what they wanted out of people is my kind of person, especially if there was wine, or in Churchill’s case, champagne. Here, here!

Speaking of booze, Stelzer devotes a chapter to the much-discussed issue of Churchill's drinking. She absolutely has Churchill’s back, as would I, and examines the evidence for his supposed alcohol abuse, and concludes that the charge is not proved. Just because you enjoy the occasional seven cocktails, does not make you an alcoholic. Thank you very much.

Dinner with Churchill is basically the best historical biography I have ever laid my seeing double eyes on. Highly recommended to the history buffs and beyond.

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