Monday, April 29, 2013

shouldn’t we have an ark on standby?

100 years later, Geoff Williams has taken the event of The Great Flood to a whole new level in his nonfiction book titled Washed Away. Williams compiles the stories of those who survived, those who didn't and those who lost loved ones during the most widespread flood in American history. Millions were left homeless, their homes washed away. With over 700 deaths, it was such a devastating tragedy during that time.

I am embarrassingly uneducated when it comes to our country’s history. Really, it’s terrible. I am assuming someone must have mentioned The Great Flood to me in my twenty-seven years, but I have heard no other information than that, until I read William’s book, which was extremely informative, not to mention interesting. This flood of biblical proportions wiped out fourteen states. That’s pretty huge, and thanks to Williams, the people affected will not be forgotten.

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