Friday, April 26, 2013

did we just become best friends?

Sometimes you meet a character and you become best friends. Stephanie Plum and I have a relationship like that. It helps that she stars in over nineteen books and that she’s hilarious and likes to eat donuts. Janet Evanovich’s latest installment of the series titled Notorious Nineteen is just as good as the rest of the bunch, as impossible as that sounds.

This installment of the Stephanie Plum Series revolves around Geoffrey Cubbin, who is missing after embezzling millions from an assisted-living facility in Trenton. You can image how Grandma Mazur uses her old lady skills to help out on this case. I love that old broad. On the side Stephanie started body-guarding a pretty dangerous situation with Ranger, you know, for extra cash, and to smell him. Morelli is still in the picture and helps Stephanie and a silly midget solve the Cubbin disappearance case. Lula is on one of her many diets, Vinnie is still gross, Connie takes care of business, and things get pretty hilarious, as usual.

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