Monday, September 2, 2013

what a fantastic novel.

Happy Labor Day! Here is your last summer must read!

Georgia Waltz has the perfect life. A husband she loves after decades of marriage, two twenty-something daughters who are bright and accomplished (with the help of mom and dad), a beautiful apartment in Manhattan...some might say she has it all, until she doesn't anymore. After her husband dies suddenly, Georgia realizes that her enchanted life was built on lies upon lies. Ben, a successful lawyer, has left her completely penniless, and she now must find a way to teach her daughters and herself how to support themselves for the first time, ever.

Sally Koslow's fourth and latest novel, The Widow Waltz is the perfect piece of chick-lit. Written in multiple perspectives, Koslow allows the reader to see the series of events in such a way as to allow them to relate not only to Georgia, but to the other characters as well. And lie after lie keeps popping out like a fricken Jack-in-the-Box, we the women of the world remember why we take care of the bill paying in our households. I especially enjoyed the mother-daughter relationships as well Georgia getting herself back out into the world, romantically. Such a great read.

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