Friday, September 6, 2013

a singaporean mystery.

A little while back I reviewed a book titled Crazy Rich Asians, which was set mostly in Singapore. I absolutely loved the culture portrayed in that novel, which made me pretty ecstatic when I got my hands on Ovidia Yu's debut mystery titled Aunty Lee's Delights which is set against the dramatic backdrop of the beaches of Sentosa, Singapore and is not released until September 17th of this year. Look at me, ahead of the game for once.

Rosie "Aunty" Lee is a wealthy Singaporean widow who instead of becoming one of Singapore's "tai tai" has decided to go big and turn her restaurant, Aunty Lee Delights into a culinary empire. My kind of gal. Aunty Lee really begins to make a name for herself as a tourist and local hot spot, and THEN the body of a young woman washed up on the beach, and she just cannot help herself, she must investigate. Aunty Lee is super connected in the community, her detective methods that are a tad quirky, as you can imagine, adds some major charm to the mystery.

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